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AGM Notice

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An Annual General Meeting, commonly referred to as an AGM, is a formal meeting which is held once a year. It is a legal requirement for voluntary organizations that have company status. It is good practice for charities to have an AGM to act as a review of the year and deal with issues such as the election of committee/board members and reviewing the annual accounts. Each individual organization should have a section of its Constitution which deals with AGMs, and this gives guidance as to how the AGM should be run and what matters should be dealt with. Although it is a formal meeting, it can also be a good opportunity to communicate with members, clients, partners and other interested parties.

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Wednesday November 21st, 2018  REVISED

Location:  Windsor Soccer Club office  1501 Howard Ave.  Unit 202
Time: 6pm

The Club shall hold its Annual General Meeting not later than January 31 of the following year.

An official notice of each meeting shall be given to all Members at least 14 days before the meeting is to be held, at such place, and at such date as the Board of Directors may determine.
Such notification shall be by one or more of the following regular mail, email, website notice, posting at Club office, any other method determined by the Members.

Nominations for positions on the Board of Directors may be made by any Member at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

Twenty five voting Members or 25% of the voting Membership, whichever is less, shall form a quorum at all general meetings of the Club. Any question shall be decided by a majority of the votes unless otherwise required by this By-Law or other law.
Every regular Member aged 16 and over shall have the right to attend, speak and cast one vote at Members' meeting of the Club.
Every regular Member under the age of 16 shall have the right to attend and speak at Members' meetings, but any vote must be cast by a parent or guardian who shall also have the right to attend and speak on behalf of that Member at Members' meetings.

In the event the Annual General Meeting cannot be conducted, or is abandoned, or is postponed, then the following shall apply:
The Board of Directors shall set a date to reconvene the incomplete Annual General Meeting, such date to be no later than thirty (30) days after the date of the incomplete Annual General Meeting;

Wednesday November 29th, 2017 to start at 6:30pm - location: WSC office


The following shall be elected for a period of two (2) years at the Annual General Meeting in years ending with an odd number.

Positions for Election at the AGM:

PRESIDENT - 2 year term
Incumbent - Paul Bartolo

VICE PRESIDENT - (1 year term to appointed by Board of Directors)
Incumbent - VACANT

TREASURER - 2 year term
Incumbent - VACANT

DIRECTOR- 2 year term
Incumbent - Meghan Wylie

DIRECTOR- 2 year term
Incumbent - Nora Matenda

DIRECTOR- 2 year term
Incumbent - Vacant

By-Law amendments may be proposed by the Board of Directors, or submitted by a Member to the Club in writing at least 21 days prior to a general meeting of the Club; and must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, and by a 2/3’s vote of the Membership voting in person or by proxy at a meeting of the Club duly called for that purpose.
Copies of proposed amendments to the constitution shall be made available at the General Meeting at which they are to be considered.
Any Policy, Rule or Regulation passed at an AGM or SGM shall remain in force until the following AGM.

Please forward any amendments to Lynda Bradford -
Submissions will not be accepted after Wednesday October 24th, 2018 11:59PM