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Board of Directors


Windsor Soccer Club 2019 Board of Directors

At our 2018 AGM (Annual General Meeting) our new executive was decided.

Who's in Charge Around Here!

So, the starting line up for the 2018 season is:





Term Ends


Paul Bartolo To contact Paul by email, click here


 1st Vice President

VACANT   2019


Lynda Bradford  To contact Lynda by email, click here 2019


Heidi Leach To contact  Heidi by email, click here  2020


Janice Boyd Bartolo

To contact Jan by email, click here



Nora Matenda  To contact Nora by email, click here 2020


Dave Bachtold To contact Dave by email, click here 2019


Wendi Nicholson To contact  Wendi by email, click here 2020


Casey Fox To contact Casey by email, click here 2019
 Director Meghan Wylie

To contact Meghan by e-mail, click here

  • All board positions are for a 2-year term if elected at our Annual General Meeting, held each fall after the end of the season.  If an individual is appointed by the board to an open position, it is for a 1-year term only.
  • The President & Treasurer are elected in even-numbered years.
  • The 1st Vice President, Secretary & Registrar are elected in odd-numbered years.
  • A number of Directors are elected at each AGM, as required.

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    To contact us by email, click here