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Coaches Resources

Coaches and Parents should check out the following resources:
Windsor Soccer Club Competitive Manual
What is Grassroots Soccer? (web site link) - Read the new Grassroots pamphlet
Development Matrices
Coaches Guides
Grassroots Curriculum
Active Start U4-U6 - Brochure | Curriculum
FUNdamentals U6-U8/9 - Brochure | Curriculum
Learn to Train U8/9-U11/12 - Brochure | Curriculum
Active Start: ages U4, U5 & U6
FUNdamentals: ages U7 and U8
Learn To Train: ages U9 through to U12
Soccer for Life: ages U13 to Adult
For more information from Ontario Soccer with regards to Grassroots soccer visit this web site:
Development\Competitive Coaches Course Requirments
MANDATORY (Click on title for more information): 
MAKING HEADWAY - Concussion Awareness
Required Age Appropriate through Ontario Soccer:
FUNdamentals (u7 & u8)
Learn to Train (u9 through u12)

Ontario Soccer Grassroots Player Development
Ontario Soccer Grassroots Retreat Line
Retreat Line 1-page Summary
The Retreat Line Webinar
Retreat Line Presentation
Canada Soccer Pathway Coach's Tool Kit: Stage One - Active Start 
Canada Soccer Pathway Coach's Tool Kit: Stage Two - FUNdamentals 
Canada Soccer Pathway Coach's Tool Kit: Stage Three - Learn to Train

Physical Literacy (CS4L)
Physical Literacy Movement Preparation Overview and Preparation Guide
Physical Literacy Movement Preparation (7-8 year olds)
Physical Literacy Movement Preparation (9-10 year olds)
Physical Literacy Movement Preparation (11+)

Soccer for Life: ages u13 to adult
Ontario Soccer Association
OSA C and B Licence Technical Sessions for Coaching Development
The “FIFA 11+ ” is a complete warm-up program to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 12 years and older.

MANUALS: organized by resource group
(links to websites/pdfs  below plus all pdfs available on our Club Google drive)

Complete Grassroots Workbook and Practice Plan
Grassroots Practices: 3 sections Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train (pdf)
The Grassroots Department will provide practices for coaches to use to help make the game enjoyable for players U4-U12. Check back for more practice plans

Game Leader Trainer Program For U6-U8 Players
The Game Leader will be trained to achieve a few objectives on the field:
Enable children to have a fun and rewarding experience while competing in small sided games.
Ensure player safety.
Implement simplified rules while keeping the game moving -- limiting stoppages and assisting the young players with all restarts.
A link will be sent out to activate your Club account for the online training.
United States Soccer Federation (USSF) / US Youth Soccer (USYS)
Coach Education
US Youth Soccer Player Development Model
US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual
US Youth Soccer Why Small-Sided Games?
US Youth Soccer U6-U8_Practice_Activities
US Youth Soccer U10_Practice_Activities
US Youth Soccer U12_Practice_Activities
US Youth Soccer Training Advisor – Issues (search result)
US Youth Soccer Technique Tune Up
Physical Literacy (CS4L)
Physical Literacy Movement Preparation Overview and Preparation Guide
Session resources
Physical Literacy Movement Preparation (7-8 year olds)
Physical Literacy Movement Preparation (9-10 year olds)
Physical Literacy Movement Preparation (11+)

Football Federation of Australia (FFA)
The National Football Curriculum “the roadmap to international success.”
Model Sessions The Discovery Phase (U/6-U/9) Page 85.  In this section you will find an example of a 12-week program based on 12 Sessions for the Discovery Phase. This 12 week program is based on the assumption that teams will have one weekly training session with the weekly game on Saturdays.
Model Sessions The Skill Acquisition Phase (U/10-U/13) Page 127.  In this section, you will find an 18-week season program for footballers aged 9-13. For the first six weeks, each session is repeated every two weeks with an added variation/progression to make the session more challenging, but only if the players are ready. This is the same in the second and third six-week cycles.
Model Sessions The Game Training Phase (U/14-U/17) Page 189.  In this section, you will find a 12-week program that is best viewed as two separate six-week cycles. You will notice that each session focuses on a particular trainable theme e.g. Ball Possession (BP). In the program, the first 6-week cycle gives more importance to your team training for when they have the ball (Ball Possession) while the second 6-week cycle focuses across a number of different themes. Creative coaches who understand the philosophy will be able to design 6-week cycles and a season plan that suits their team best.
Model Sessions The Performance Phase (17 years and older) Page 267.  The concept of rotating through pre-determined themes, which serves us well in the Skill Acquisition and Game Training phases, will not apply now. However, the basic structure of the ideal training session is almost identical to those in the Game Training Phase.
LINKS: From External webpages
Canada Soccer LTPD Pathway
Staying Healthy
General Resources