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What is the cost to register my child / children?

Registration fees are based on the players ages, are as follow:

  Registration cost per player (2019)
(birth year)
4-6  (2015-2013)
7-12 (2012-2007) $175
13-19 (2006-2000) $190

Families that register 3 or more children from the same household will be entitled to a family discount.  For child #3 and beyond they will be entitled to a $40 discount per player.


What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee includes a team jersey, matching shorts and soccer socks, registration with Ontario Soccer Association, approximately 10-12 games (weather permitting), a team photo, lunch on the Day of Champions as well as a Participant momento at the end of the season. Other small soccer related gifts may be given out based on our sponsorship this season.

Do you need to live in Windsor to register with W.S.C.?

No, we welcome players and families from throughout Essex County.

Where are games & practices played?

All games are scheduled at Ford Test Track Park, located here in Windsor.  The WSC rents the fields from the City, with all maintenance to fields handled by their workers.  We encourage all our coaches to hold their team practices there also, when possible.

When are game times?

Weeknights:           6:15pm  Mini 6 - Seniors
                               8:15pm  U13- Seniors (after school year is done)

Saturdays:            9am, 10:15am, 12:15pm & 2:15pm - All divisions

How are age groups determined?

WSC in accordance with OSA Guidelines determines which division a child is placed in based on the players year of birth.

How are the players selected?

Players simply sign up. This is Recreational Soccer. There are no try-outs and no cuts. Every player plays.  There are three age groups with mixed gender: Grassroots 4, 5 & 6's.  After players are separated by gender and placed in their appropriate age groups.  It is sometimes required due to lack of numbers in certain age groups to combine age groups (ie. U10G=9+10 yr olds, Sr. Boys=16+17+18+19 yrs).

How are games structured?

For Grassroots 4, 5 & 6:  The emphasis at these ages is being comfortable with a ball.  Training is based on activities and allowing players to have fun first of all.  Stress is also on the A-B-C's (Agility, Balance & Co-ordination).  Games are played up to 5 vs 5 with no designated goal keeper on a micro sized field. First a 1/2 training session, followed by game time which is two 10 min quarters with a 5 min break at half. Coaches work with the players on the field during the game.

For Grassroots under 8:  The program for these ages is based on the OSA FUNdamentals curriculum.  Training sessions are station based, where all teams in their division train on one central night.  During the practice players will spend an allotted time at each station having fun, developing specific skills and qualities before moving onto the next station. By using station work we create an environment where players are continually motivated and that they are continually challenged.  Games are played 5 vs 5 with a goal-keeper.  Coaches are not allowed on the field for u8 divisions, will utilize a referee (when possible).  

For Grassroots Boys/Girls 9 & 10: Games are played 7 vs 7 this includes a goal keeper on each side. Games are played on a Mini sized field. Game time is 4x15 minute quarters with a 5 min break in between.  Note: game times may be shortened due to approaching weather or darkness. Referees are provided and coaches are not permitted on the field during game time.  Practices will be scheduled by coaches during the week. 

For Boys/Girls U11 - Senior: Games are played according to FIFA rules with specific club rules also added.  


What if a game or practice is canceled due to bad weather?

If a practice is canceled due to bad weather, your coach will reschedule the practice if necessary.

If a game is canceled due to bad weather, efforts will be made to make up the game. Unfortunately the season can not go beyond mid August and therefore some games may not be made up.

Note: Bad weather is defined as lightning in the area, heavy rain, or high winds. Games will be played in light rain conditions.

Now that I have registered, when will my coach contact me?

We expect to have team rosters to the coaches by the 3rd week of April.  You should expect a call within days of the coaches receiving their team rosters. If you have not received a call by May 1st, please check our website for information. If the website does not offer the necessary information, please contact WSC @ 519-944-2536.

Are you looking for Coaches?

Yes. With the growing number of children interested in playing soccer, there is a higher demand for coaches. If you or anyone you know is interested in coaching, please contact us @ 519-944-2536. Some benefits of coaching are: you and your child will be on the team and you set practice times and locations. Coaches will be required to complete a Screening Disclosure Form (in place of Police Clearance). Community service hours will be given to high school students looking to meet their 40 hour requirements.  Minimum age for Coaches & Assistants u4-u4 16years old, for u9 to Seniors 18 years old.  Email: with a copy of the completed Coaches Application Form.

Are you looking for volunteers other than coaches?

Yes. There are several ways in which you can help the club by volunteering your time. Contact us at 519-944-2536 to express your interest and to discuss possible roles you can support. Community service hours will be given to high school students looking to meet their 40 hour requirements.

Are you looking for team sponsorship?

Yes. Corporate sponsorship is key to WSC providing the lowest possible fees to our players. If your company is willing to sponsor a team in our club, please contact us at 519-944-2536 for more information or visit our website (link).

Can I choose which team my child is on?

Unfortunately no special requests are allowed.  We are unable to accommodate special team placement requests due to the large number of registrants and the limited amount of time we have to organize the soccer season.  If transportation to the game is an issue and you don't know anyone on the team, we are confident that parents on the team will be able to assist you if you ask them.  Once teams are decided, only the WSC Board of Directors will be able to change them.  Parents and coaches of different teams are not permitted to exchange players without Board approval.  Any team change requests must be submitted in writing to the WSC office to be approved only with valid reasons.  Carpooling, coach preference or wanting to be on the "winning team" are not considered valid reasons and will be declined.  The only exception to the special request rules is the placement of siblings that are of the same age group and gender (except for teams that are mixed with boys and girls) on the same team.

Are there any programs for families that are financially disadvantaged?

Yes, there are several organizations that will help families in need pay for a portion of their registration costs. Please contact the Club by phone (519-944-2536) or email for more information.