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Volunteer Info

Volunteers are the building blocks of our organization.


We are always looking for:

Division Convenors.  In this role you would act as a liaison between the Club and the coaches.  Distributing information and taking in concerns by the coaches as pertaining to your division.  Many times a parent that has a child in this division will step forward since they are already at the game functions and practices for that group.

Team Coaches and Assistants.  Team Coaches will direct the players during the games and the assistant will aide the Coach during practices.  Enhance your players' soccer experience - become a team official!

Special Events (Photo Day, Active Start Festival, Tom Hillis Tournament & Fun Day):  Anyone can contribute a couple hours to assist with our special events throughout the season.  Get involved and become part of our team!  Students can volunteer and obtain Community Service hours.

 Committees:  A number of volunteers are needed for various committees with in the organization, from uniforms, equipment to field preparation.

 Club Support:  We are always seeking volunteers to enhance our programs.  If you have an interest in administration, information technology, sponsorship or multimedia, we would love to hear from you.


If you have an interest in any of the above mentioned positions or feel that you can contribute in any other way, please contact us at:   519-944-2536

  Volunteer Registration Form    pdf version   Complete, scan and email the form back to us....easy way too just take a pic with your phone.